Julius Grey and Lynne CasgrainGrey Casgrain s.e.n.c. was founded by Julius H. Grey in the fall of 1976. Its present name dates from the mid-1980s, when Me Lynne-Marie Casgrain joined the firm. The team currently consists of several lawyers, all engaged in litigation.

Grey Casgrain s.e.n.c. has frequently represented the individual against the institution – such as the government, employer, and professional body. Further, it is a firm that is constantly involved in legal education, the dissemination of information, and in societal discussions on legal and human rights questions.

From its early days, Grey Casgrain s.e.n.c. has been involved in some of the leading human rights and Charter litigation in Quebec and in Canada. In particular, it brought several of the major language rights cases before the Supreme Court of Canada and one to the United Nations Human Rights Sub-Committee.

*The list of cases below is merely for our clients’ reference and should in no way be seen as a portrayal of the firm’s success rate: